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“” is the Thai word for “clock”. In this project, “” is the end product which is also considered a convertible packaging. “” focused on optimizing the use of packaging which is based on an exploration into how waste can be turned into a product to reduce the amount of useless package material and make a positive contribution towards more sustainable design.

NA.LI.KA - 02.jpg

"" is inspired by steamed rice wrapped in a leaf.  

NA.LI.KA - 03.jpg

To explore suitable figures and develop the most suitable one by balancing the idea between form and function to make it both beautiful and functional at the same time.

NA.LI.KA - 04.jpg

The graphic (each vein) in a leaf not only represents a clock structure, but also a clock face displaying the time like a fixed-numbered dial similar to a typical analog clock. 

NA.LI.KA - 05.jpg

The clock and its hands are put inside the folded leaf package. The unfolded package will show the paper folding pattern to guide users to convert it into two different forms of a clock, one design can be hung on the wall while the other placed on the table. 

NA.LI.KA - 06.jpg

This also includes instructions for users to follow.

NA.LI.KA - 07.jpg

The display is created to show all possible appearances and share the mood for the whole project with the audiences. 

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