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About Me
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I’m a Service & UX Designer believing in a blend of creative and critical thinking as life pursuits. Artistic curiosity drives me to excel in diverse fields varied from the conceptual areas to the logical disciplines. Multidimensional aspects become my everyday playground with no boundaries or end in learning.


And this is how my journey begins.. I started my career path as a (Wearable) Product Designer - in other words, a Jewelry Designer. During this time I navigated through several concept-based designs. Without any jewelry background and rationale, industrial design knowledge is the only asset to apply to the new field. However, I found that the design metaphor could keep the beautiful identity of creativity alive and could help better support design thinking and practice as well. Along the way of experiential knowledge and first-hand experience, the involvement of users does primarily exist. Without the real understanding of users, design means nothing so that I decided to step into a new and challenging world as a Service Designer.


From my point of view, Service Design is a holistic approach to the perfect combination of people, business, and technology with the objective of identifying an unmet need, addressing the underlying problems, and enhancing the experience where the opportunities exist. Furthermore, Service Design is a new territory where I could develop skills in research and also help foster the capability of project management. As a result, this has shaped my thought and kept me on a right track, but still not to limit creativity so far. I, therefore, have been free from wandering around aimlessly. Instead, it has enabled me to set a meaningful goal to satisfy user’s needs and fully adopt logical reasoning, critical and creative thinking altogether.


Now.. my journey has not been complete yet. I continue this journey to further discover the right balance between the conceptual area and the logical discipline to find my secret sauce with the hope that this could bring the impact and more engaging integrated outcomes to life.

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