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Dusit Zoo is the oldest zoo in Thailand with excellent facilities such as a zoo museum and educational center. Many regard Dusit Zoo as the most popular zoo in Thailand, but it is still quite outdated. It used to be difficult for people to recognize this place as a zoo due to a loss of identity. The park found it difficult to attract people’s attention because the key visual elements lacked excitement and didn’t feel like an animal park. On the other hand, Dusit zoo also has a reputation as an education platform, which is considered its great strength compared to other attractions. The challenging task was thus to make people identify this place as a zoo with a new and interesting environment, and additionally to appeal to visitors and exploit the advantages of its educational center. Therefore, the new identity is designed under the concept of “illusion” since, in this term, it can further bring about the exploration of wondrous new experiences through lenticular printing.

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