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Temperature can affect many aspects of life, even when it comes to matters of social behavior and culture. As a result, it can cause significant changes in people’s habitual way of life. What will happen to the region that experiences the highest temperature of all time? Will people’s lifestyles remain the same? What will it look like? These questions and their answers consequently contribute to discussions on the projected changes. Equatorial Africa is generally perceived as the hottest region in the world. The native people rarely experience the extreme cold temperatures, like those in the Antarctica. Even though there currently exists a strong and rich indigenous African culture, it is anticipated that climate change followed by the extreme cold weather will drastically affect their lifestyle as they adjust themselves to their new environment. Therefore, this anticipated change is conveyed to the audiences through the new look of tribal costume paired with accessories in this poster.

Design Director : Ek Thongprasert

Designer & Production Coordinator : Thanavath Klongvishar, Nattanun Sainont

Stylist : Daneenart Burakasikorn

Film Director : Mikey Asanin

-4*F, AFRICA TEMP. .jpg
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