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This conceptual time-based design is the project displaying the integration between multidimensional aspects of one “diamond” ring. The highlight is the ambiguous contexts of the two different subjects: jewelry or gastronomy design, which is chosen depends on an individual’s interpretation of the scene. Here, ambiguity is not regarded as a negative, but a surprising positive which aims to intrigue audiences through the climax of its transition. Concerning the design thinking process, transparency acts as a key to the design direction since it is the only noticeable visual element that the two subjects share. As a result of this, the transparent effect of these two things helps bridge the gap between the perception of both diamond and jelly, resulting in an intriguing connection between the two things and ultimately offering a new experience to the viewer.

DINEMOND - 02.png
DINEMOND - 03.jpg
DINEMOND - 04.jpg
DINEMOND - 05.jpg
DINEMOND - 06.jpg
DINEMOND - 07.jpg
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