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     - Jewelry Design 

        ; working on experimental materials

     - Product Design / Industrial Design

     - Textile Design

     - Graphic Design

     - Packaging Design

     - Brand Identity Design

     - UXUI Design



Proficient in... 

     - Photoshop

     - Illustrator

 Basic knowledge of...

     - Indesign

     - XD

     - Dimension

     - Cinema4d

     - After Effect

     - Premiere Pro

     - Sketch

     - Line Bot Designer

     - Excel

a product & service designer who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Artistic curiosity drives her to excel in diverse fields varied from the very conceptual areas to the strictly logical ones, from physical products to intangible experience, from historical knowledge to technological advances. She believes in the power of both differences and contrasts which could complete each other perfectly, contributing to more outstanding and meaningful integrated outcomes to society. From her perspective, art and design are not considered only a career or a hobby, but it is a passion and a way of life that can be applied to multidimensional aspects surrounding our lives with either no boundary or no end to learning.


Soft Skills


1995 - 2007 :    

           Saint Joseph Convent School with                                      science and mathematics degree (SJC)

2007 - 2008 :    

            Faculty of Journalism and Mass                                         Communication,

            Thammasat University (TU)

2008 - 2013 :    

            Bachelor of Architecture in Industrial                                 Design,

            King Mongkut's Institute of Technology                               Ladkrabang (KMITL),                                                           Faculty of Architecture, Division of                                     Industrial Design

2019 - 2021 :    

            MA Service Design,

            Royal College of Art (RCA)

W O R K  :

Curated Co., Ltd


=   Conceptual fashion’s brand consisting

      of two sub-brands “Ek Thongprasert”

      and “Curated”

    - June 2013 - Dec 2013 :          

         Ek Thongprasert’s assistant

        jewelry designer 

         ;   Draw dimensional drawing, manage

             outsourcing manufacturing for both

             sampling and order, participate in

             post-production process such

             as pack-shot and fashion shooting


    - Jan 2014 - Oct 2016 :

         Curated’s jewelry designer 

         ;   Carry out research on seasonal

             trend - existing design - and competitor

             to make a prediction of design direction,

             participate in concept creation with

             design director, create mood board to

             describe the whole concept through

             storytelling, do sketch design,

             discover and experiment new

             material, develop and execute

             designs creativity enabling

             achievement of manufacturing

             goal and merchandise objectives,

             set up project timeline, Draw

             dimensional drawing, manage

             outsourcing manufacturing for both

             sampling and order, participate in

             post-production process such as

             pack-shot and fashion shooting,

             design collection catalog, deliver

             order sheet, design and set up

             shop counter display and exhibition

Almond Digital Co., Ltd


=    Digital Venture Builder 


    - May 2018 - July 2019 : 

        Assistant Product Manager

        ;   Contribute to project management

            set-up, Co-ordinate and facilitate client                                                         and development team, adopt Agile
methodology to run sprint, conduct an

            interview and identify client underlying

            pain points, conceptualise to solve

            client's challenge, analyse existing

            product knowledge, conduct a gap                                                               analysis, collaborate with partners to

            co-develop a solution, draw up a scope

            of work containing in proposals, create

            slide presentation, write meeting

            minutes, design overall platform

            operation flow based on user experience

           and technical execution, develop customer

           touch points, design LINE bot

           communication flow, creating an UI

           component design system, deliver Lo &

           Hi Fidelity User Interface, set algorithm

           for back-end calculation through

           decision-tree diagram, consider all

           possible scenarios and test cases, also

           report and track bugs within the software

S T U D Y  :





=    King Mongkut's Institute of Technology



    - June 2008 - April 2013 : 

        Product / Industrial Designer

        ;   Carry out research on existing products

            and competitors, find inspiration to

            define design direction, create design

            concept focusing on form and function,

            design mood board, do sketch design,

            experiment new material,                  


create and develop mockups, test

product, create drawing dimension,

produce prototype based on industrial

manufacturing method, create design

proposal, create slide presentation



=    Royal College of Art


    - September 2019 - July 2021 : 

        Service Designer

        ;   Set up project timeline, plan and task

            management tools, carry out iterative

            design and user research through primary

            and secondary ones, analyse stakeholders

            and competitors, also navigate through

            existing services, re-frame gathered data

            and gain insights, identify customer needs,                                                   expectations, pain points, and areas of

            opportunities by utilising tools such as

            personas, user journey maps, etc. to gain

            the best practice, define the problem and

            opportunity statement, ideate and develop

            concept within design principles, validate

            the ideas through iterative rapid prototyping,

            visualise storyboard, formalise concept

            propositions and value network map, deliver

            service blueprint (user-based overall

            operation flow), design user interface,

            implement front & back end services

            across a variety of devices and platforms

            to advocator the practical service, create

            slide presentation to communicate with

            audiences, apply business model & plan

            to advocate viability and feasibility of




Curated Co., Ltd

    - June 2013 - Dec 2013 :

         : Main Collection AW14

         : Customised Design      

               - “Swarovski's Runway Rocks”

                  , Shanghai     

                  ; Ek Thongprasert’s costume and jewellery


               - Joyce

                 , Hong Kong     

                 ; The exclusive silicone necklace collection based on concept of                          “Celebration”


               - Siam Center x Harnn

                 , Bangkok     

                 ; Perfume package “a.i.r #2 inspired by scent”


         : Backstage 

               - ELLE Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013

                 , Bangkok     

                 ; Collection AW13 Curated‘s jewellery and body adornments

    - Jan 2014 - Oct 2016 :

         : Customised Design

               - HLS DSGN

                 , Singapore     

                 ; EVA foam necklace collection


               - “THAITHAI”  event

                  , The Grand Opening of The New Thai Designer Zone, Central                             Chidlom, Bangkok     

                  ; EVA foam brooch representing “I love Bangkok”

               - “BELIEVE”

                  ; Curated x Broccolli Revolution Exhibition Fall/Winter 2016     


               - “Everyday anchor” and  “Lucky Charm” 

                  : Two art pieces- based on the “Belief” concept

         : Backstage Crew

               - ELLE Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014

                 , Bangkok     

                 ; Collection AW14 Curated‘s jewellery and body adornments

               - “Vogue Who’s on next” Spring/Summer 2015

                  , Vogue Fashion’s night out, Bangkok     

                  ; Curated‘s jewellery and body adornments

               - Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2015

                 , Tokyo Fashion Week & Exhibition, Japan 

                 ; Curated‘s jewellery and body adornments

               - “The Ultimate Showcase Thai Touch” Fall/Winter 2015

                 , ELLE Fashion Week, Bangkok    

                 ; Curated‘s jewellery and body adornments


        : Exhibition Design

               - Isetan Shinjuku Department Store

                 , Tokyo     

                 ; Ek Thongprasert’s necklace Spring/Summer and Fall / Winter 2015


               - “THAITHAI” Central Chidlom

                 , Bangkok     

                 ; Collection AW15 and SS16


               - Selected Shop, Siam Center

                 , Bangkok    

                 ; Collection SS16 


               - Broccolli Revolution

                 , Bangkok     

                 ; Collection AW16 based on “Believe” concept

         : Coordinating              

               - “Sculpture Collection”

                 , Curated’s costume accessories     

                 ; Responsible for dimensional drawing and co-ordinating with the                        manufacturer for EVA foam production


    - Nov 2016 - April 2018

         : Customised Design

             - Thai National Costume for Miss Universe Competition 2016     

               ; Apply Contemporary Thai graphic on patterns


         : Coordinating  

            - Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok’s 33rd anniversary                                   celebration 

              ; Responsible for dimensional drawing and organising the metal-                          based brooch production

Almond Digital Co., Ltd

    - May 2018 - Dec 2018 :
              - CASHNOW

                = The comprehensive lending platform (Company’s startup)


              - TQM - Mini CRM

                = Customer Relationship Management platform for SME


              - TV Direct chatbot

                = The full control over brand touchpoint project of retail via bot-to-                         customer communication with Customer Relationship

                    Management System

    - Jan 2019 - July 2019 :


             - SCB - You Tell Us     

               = The encompassing user feedback web-based and in-app with                          Customer Relationship Management System


             - Laneige

               = Bot-to-customer communication-based registration system for a                        South Korea cosmetic brand communication


            - AP - Smart World (as UI designer)

               = The living community application phase 1

RCA Projects

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