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For some, astrology can represent hopes and the energy to move forward. It taps into people’s passions and lets them live their dreams. The stars act as motivational sparks of encouragement, giving people (especially those lacking self-confidence) hope and something to depend on. They can simply make a wish and hope that it will come true. While there is no scientific basis for such beliefs, this jewelry collection aims to nevertheless accentuate the importance of self-confidence. The “Andromedae A” earrings in particular conveys the idea that only “You control things, and do not let things control you.” This jewelry concept encourages users to be more confident and to dare to make their own decisions. In other words, let the real “stars inside of you” illuminate the way. More such messages can be translated by re-arranging the position of star crystals using the magnets below each adaptable crystal, creating shapes such as “Andromedae B & C".

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