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The pie chart gives details of basic customer information. It presents that 60% of customers are women. Customers aged around 55 or above are the main target as they are able to spend time during a day, and also be familiar with the conventional marketing means using television rather than other groups that have less time shopping and watching television. It is clear that housewives and retired people experience the greatest number of customers. Moving on to target behavior, there is a peak of purchase rate during Monday late-morning, but a figure for purchase suffers the lowest on Friday evening. Interestingly, the exercise machine is the most popular item.

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The customer persona shows that the common factors affecting ones’ decision-making on purchase or contributing to a motivation for purchase are low price, incentive, and convenience.

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This is to identify the potential value where should be maximized through the use of marketing tool -SWOT, as well as identify the root cause behind customer journey in order to solve the existing problem along with to enhance the business.

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The concept proves to be an integration of two different contexts. It reflects how interestingly creativity meets digital matter, and how difference make correspondence.

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This presents the reason why LINE bot / LINE Official Account (OA) is selected to be a tool for addressing the problem, as it could bridge the gap between service and online shopping seamlessly.

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The chat experience flow shows the connection between each potential customer journey, resulting in various options available throughout an individual’s journey.

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Front-end user interface design which adopts all available LINE’s tools. The mockup UI is made up to get the most out of its function, yet still be simple and friendly to all types of user.

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Back Office is a platform designed to support Omi-Channel marketing strategy which could allow telesales involving in the entire process, from customer engagement to customer retention to manage data effectively. The well-managed and structured data utilization through the main features, monitoring, tracking, and chatting perfectly helps enhance the customer experience.